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Kristina M. Williams, RN, BSN,
Aesthetic Nurse Specialist is Dr. Martin’s Registered Nurse/Aesthetic Nurse Specialist in the Valdosta office. She received training and certifications in the area of aesthetic practices from Aesthetic Enhancement Institute and The Postgraduate Institute for Medicine. She assists Dr. Martin in all Endovenous Laser Ablation procedures and is a highly skilled Sclerotherapist with specialized aesthetic training in the application of radio frequency, impulsed light, lasers and injectables. Kristina has been with Dr. Martin since July 2010.

Christy Giddens is Dr. Martin’s Clinical Assistant at the South Georgia Vein Center. She has been with Dr. Martin since 2011 and has been trained to assist in all aspects of endovenous and laser ablation procedures as well as other procedures. Christy has a great bed side manner and is a valued and trusted part of our medical team.

Jerry Kozuch has been with Dr. Martin and South Georgia Vein Center since 2004. She is the Liaison for SGVC at promotional events and community related activities. She is the Liaison with the Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations promoting SGVC and Dr. Martin.

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